How to fix a broken headband on Surface Headphones

The original surface headphones were released in 2019, the same year I was awarded a Microsoft MVP and to celebrate the fact I bought ones for my self when I visited the Microsoft Campus in Seattle in March 2019.

They’ve worked without any issue for almost 4 years until the day the headband broke in half without a previous warning. Since the headphones had sentimental value and despite being broken into 2 pieces were still working, I’ve looked for a solution to fix them.

Surface Headphones fix broke headband


Install websites as PWA applications using Microsoft Edge

A progressive web application (PWA) is an application built and distributed using web technologies that is also able to take advantage of native operating system technologies.

The goal of PWAs is to provide a user experience similar to native applications, however these type of applications are easy to find and faster to install as you can do it directly from the browser.

Microsoft Edge PWA


Enable Windows Sandbox on Windows 11

Windows Sandbox is an isolated environment available in the Enterprise and Pro versions of Windows that allows you to test applications in a secure way without harming the main operating system.

Despite being available in these two versions of Windows, it does not come installed by default and to make use of it, first you need to install it by doing the following:

Windows 11 Sandbox


Learn how to use the clipboard history in Windows 11

For years we had to live with a Windows clipboard with no capacity to keep the history of the things we were copying, thankfully those days belong to the past and with Windows 11 you can easily access to a list of the latest copied data.

In this article you will learn how to activate the Windows history clipboard and also how to use a different combination of keys to paste information.

Windows 11 clipboard


How to create folders in the Windows 11 start menu

Microsoft is listening to the Windows Insiders feedback, and just released the possibility of creating folders in the Start menu to group applications.

At the moment of writing this feature is only available in the Windows Insider Dev channel in the Build 22557 but it should come to other channels and to the main distribution soon.

Windows 11 Start menu folders


How to get the Covid-19 certificate on a Samsung Galaxy watch

Depending on the country you are living or planning to visit, providing a proof of your Covid-19 vaccination might be a regular thing to do. This action becomes natural to access to public events, restaurants or even to be allowed to enter in a new country.

To speed up this process and to prevent you from carrying a piece of paper or reaching to your phone all the time on this article I’ll show you how you can easily get the certificate on your Samsung Galaxy watch.

Covid19 Certificate Samsung Galaxy watch


HANDS ON tek – 10 years anniversary

January 10, 2022 marks the 10th anniversary of HANDS ON tek, a blog that I started back in 2012 to write about technology and became a central repository for solutions and articles about Microsoft 365.

To celebrate this milestone, I’m offering 10 copies of my books during the next 10 days, If you would like to get a copy of Hands-On Microsoft Lists or Hands-On Microsoft Teams continue to read the post and fill out the form.


Share your internet access with Hyper-V virtual machines

Creating a Hyper-V virtual machine is a straightforward process and can be done in just a few steps, however once you get your new operating system installed and depending on your network configurations you may find your self without internet access from the guest operating system.

If you already have your Hyper-V virtual machine configured and are not able to share your wireless internet connection, this article will explain you how to do it in just a 6 simple steps.

Share your internet access with Hyper-V virtual machines


How to move Windows 11 start menu to the left

One of the biggest visual changes introduced in Windows 11 is the position of the start menu, that was shifted from the left to the middle of the taskbar.

The position of the start menu had not change since it was originally introduced in Windows 95 and it might be hard for old school users to get used to the new location.

Windows 11 left start menu


How to make file extensions visible in Windows 11

Every clean installation of Windows requires some level of customization to adjust the operating system to the user needs. One of the first things I usually do is make the file extensions visible and with Windows 11 it was no different.

With Windows 10 the option to make the extensions visible was available from the explorer window context but with the more minimalistic Windows 11 layout this setting is only available in the folder options like what happened in older versions of Windows.

Show Windows 11 file extensions


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