Microsoft announced SharePoint Conference 2014

Microsoft finally announced the date of the next SPC, it will take place at the Venetian hotel in Las Vegas from 3 to 6 March 2014.

Without further details the official website is showing an animation with some curious data from the last edition.

83 countries where represented at the last SPC edition, making it the largest SP gathering in the world, 20.000 minutes of expert content was delivered and it would take at least 25 boings 747 to take all the attendees.


I’ve seen my Future… It’s in SharePoint

Hi Everyone this is the new area of my blog, here I’ll talk essential about SharePoint and how you can easily brand it, I’ll present you some tricks and some solutions that will make your life much easier and will improve the appearance of your sites.

I’m a web developer and work for a company named bind, that has a very powerful online tool where you can fully customize a theme for your CMS in just a few clicks, if you are curious take a look here.

This a technical area of the blog and my objective is reach the maximum readers for this reason all the posts about SharePoint will be written in English.

Enable Search People on SharePoint 2010

In this post I will show you how to activate the Search People in your SharePoint 2010, before we start make sure you have the search services active.

Neste post vou mostrar como activar a pesquisa de utilizadores no SharePoint 2010, antes de começar-mos verifica se os serviços de Search estão activos.


SharePoint Conference 2012

Caros seguidores já devem ter reparado que a actividade do HANDS ON tek tem sido reduzida ao longo das últimas semanas, por motivos profissionais não tem sido possível actualizar este espaço tantas vezes como pretendia.

Infelizmente durante a próxima semana as coisas não vão melhorar, vou estar em trabalho na SharePoint Conference 2012 e possivelmente sem tempo para produzir novos conteúdos.

Quando regressar espero retomar a actividade normal do blog e fica desde já prometido que vos vou trazer as mais recentes novidades no que toca ao SharePoint 2013.


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