The Media Remote is an Firefox OS application that turns your phone into a remote control and let you control multiple media players on your Windows computer.

To use the application you need to be connected to a wireless network, even if it does not have Internet access.

O Media Remote Firefox OS é uma aplicação que transforma o teu telemóvel num comando remoto e que permite controlar vários media players no teu computador com Windows.

Para utilizar a aplicação tens de estar ligado a uma rede wireless, mesmo que não tenha acesso à internet.

What apps can I control?

Que aplicações posso controlar?

  • Windows Vista
  • Windows 7
  • Windows 8
  • Windows Media Player
  • iTunes
  • Media Player Classic
  • VLC Media Player
  • Winamp

Media Remote Firefox OS

Server Application – EN

You must have installed on your computer the Microsoft. NET Framework Client Profile 4

É necessário ter instalado no seu computador a Microsoft .NET Framework 4 Client Profile

Microsoft .Net Framework 4 Client Profile



Media Remote Firefox OS

10 Responses to “Media Remote Firefox OS”

  1. Rafael Martinez

    February 15, 2014

    This is excellent! Great work

  2. mouca

    February 20, 2014

    Excelente!. Funciona muy bien con Media Player Classic. Gracias!

  3. Pablo

    February 23, 2014

    Could you put the rewind/forward buttons in the vlc media player controllers?

    • João Ferreira

      February 24, 2014

      Sure, I’ll add it in the next version.
      Appreciate if you can rate the app the in the marketplace.

  4. AlexLikeRock

    August 17, 2014

    where are “software server ” to GNU/Linux?
    window$ SUCKSS !!!!

    y donde esta el servidor para el sistema operativo GNU/LINUX ???

    Window$ apesta!!!!

  5. Roland gaudin

    November 29, 2015

    Really good!! Nice work.
    Can you imagine to add a control for musicbee on the next version ?
    Or maybe for windows, add play/pause/next/review to the sound that already exist (i have those button on my computer, which can control all programs)

  6. kai

    June 27, 2016

    Oh no… Ive got Linux…

  7. Steban

    August 15, 2016

    hola João Ferreira, la aplicacion me parece un proyecto excelente, a varios años d su publicacion, me pregunto, aun funciona?, descargue e instale todos los pasos y no deja de darme el error “Server was disconnected” ingrese muchos valores diferentes tentando conectar pero aun no funciona, muchas gracias por tu respuesta de antemano, dejo mi email si alguien tambien podria aydarme, publicidadstbn@

    • João Ferreira

      January 31, 2017


      Yes it still works just tested it today.
      Check if you router is not blocking the port you are using in the server app.

      Apologise for my late reply,

      João Ferreira


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