Teams Chat for SharePoint

Seamlessly integrate Microsoft Teams chats into your SharePoint intranet with this innovative solution. Enhance collaboration and productivity by accessing and managing conversations directly within SharePoint. Try it now and transform your team’s communication!


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Teams Chat for SharePoint is a cutting-edge product that integrates Microsoft Teams chats directly into SharePoint pages, fostering a more connected and collaborative workspace. This product allows users to maintain continuous communication through Teams while interacting with SharePoint content, streamlining workflows and enhancing team synergy.

Product Highlights:

  • Direct Chat Integration: Teams Chat for SharePoint embeds the Microsoft Teams chat window into SharePoint sites, enabling real-time communication alongside content.
  • Unified Workspace: By combining chat and content management, Teams Chat creates a cohesive environment that reduces the need to switch between applications.
  • Enhanced Productivity: With Teams Chat, conversations are contextually linked to SharePoint content, making collaboration more efficient and meaningful.


  • API Access: Teams Chat for SharePoint includes API integration with Microsoft Graph for displaying user profile pictures, enriching the chat experience. This is not mandatory for the application to work, however if the permission is not granted the user profile picture will not be displayed in the solution.
  • First-Time Authentication: A one-time Microsoft Teams sign-in on the browser ensures secure and uninterrupted chat functionality.



SharePoint Online

Solution type

Extension - Application Customizer

Latest version


Release date

May 2024

Change Log

Version Date Comments
1.0.0 November 19, 2023 Initial release
1.1.0 May 10, 2024 Teams Chat now supports rendering chats within SharePoint pages without the need to grant Microsoft Graph permissions, fixing the errors caused when the administrator can not grant the necessary permissions


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