To Do List Formatting

The ultimate to-do list solution for Microsoft Lists and SharePoint, built with a sophisticated JSON-based view formatting system that allows users to customize their lists with the user-friendly interface of Microsoft To Do.


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Enhance your Microsoft Lists and SharePoint experience with a view formatting solution that revolutionizes the traditional list display, transforming it into a dynamic to-do list akin to the Microsoft To Do interface. This innovative formatting is not only a standalone feature in the Microsoft Lists application but can also be seamlessly integrated into a SharePoint page using the Lists web part. It's an essential addition to any collaborative environment where tracking to-do items is crucial.

This view formatting solution is designed to enhance productivity and collaboration without overwhelming users with complex features or terminology. It’s a straightforward, yet powerful tool to keep your team’s tasks organized and visible.

Product Highlights:

  • JSON Customization: Tailor your list’s appearance and functionality with JSON formatting, ensuring full compatibility across all Microsoft Lists and SharePoint platforms.
  • In-Place Editing: Update the status of tasks directly within the list view, eliminating the need to access the list form, thus streamlining task management.
  • Task Prioritization: Easily highlight your most important tasks by marking them as favorites, which automatically positions them at the forefront of your list.
  • Comments Access: Engage with your team’s feedback by accessing all user-added comments directly from each list item, fostering collaborative discussion.
  • Due Date Visibility: Quickly identify tasks with looming deadlines with clear due date indicators, helping you manage your time effectively.
  • Activity Tracking: Stay informed about the origin and progress of each to-do item with transparent logs of who created and last updated them.
  • Attachment Indicators: Determine at a glance whether a to-do item includes attachments, allowing for quick retrieval of related documents and files.
  • Custom Categorization: Personalize your workflow by categorizing tasks using custom labels. This feature allows you to sort and filter tasks based on your personalized categories, making it easier to navigate and focus on specific areas of interest.



Microsoft Lists

SharePoint Online

Solution type

Lists View Formatting

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Release date

Jan 2022

Change Log

Version Date Comments
1.0.0 January 12, 2022 Initial release


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