HANDS ON tek 2.0

8 years have passed since the first post and HANDS ON tek is still alive! After a few years without getting updates it was looking more like grave yard than tech blog. No one cares about Windows 8 anymore, or about the super awesome game I did for Android in college.

HANDS ON tek, was my first tech blog and the kick start to my professional career.

Over the last few years while it was waiting for a second life I have been working to produce content to share with the community under HANDS ON SharePoint and HANDS ON Teams blogs.

I got the necessity to have a place where I can post all kind of tech/geek things and reviving this project was the natural decision. As a Microsoft and Window fan boy it’s not hard to guess what will be the main topics around here…

Leave you with a trip down memory lane with the several images that illustrate the evolution of HANDS ON tek that starts a new chapter today.



2013 – Windows 8!



Business vector created by makyzz – www.freepik.com

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