How to Enable Microsoft Places Public Preview

Exciting news for those eager to streamline their workplace coordination: Microsoft Places is now in Public Preview! This fresh addition to the Microsoft suite is designed to simplify your calendar management and provide insights into your colleagues’ work locations. Although not all features are currently available, you can begin exploring its capabilities today.

In this blog post, I’m explaining how administrators can activate Microsoft Places globally across their organization or selectively for certain user groups.

Enable Microsoft Places application


Microsoft Places is Available in Public Preview

Microsoft Places is a fresh addition to Microsoft 365 that transforms the way we think about work flexibility. It’s a tool that guides employees in making smart choices about their work arrangements. Whether it’s deciding who to work with, the best way to work, when to work, or picking a location, Microsoft Places is there to help. This leads to better productivity and teamwork.

With Microsoft Places, you can sync up your office days with your team. It’s all about finding the perfect spot and time to work, reserving spaces and meeting rooms when you need them, and focusing on important interactions with your team and new colleagues.

Microsoft Places Public Preview


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