Microsoft Places is Available in Public Preview

Microsoft Places is a fresh addition to Microsoft 365 that transforms the way we think about work flexibility. It’s a tool that guides employees in making smart choices about their work arrangements. Whether it’s deciding who to work with, the best way to work, when to work, or picking a location, Microsoft Places is there to help. This leads to better productivity and teamwork.

With Microsoft Places, you can sync up your office days with your team. It’s all about finding the perfect spot and time to work, reserving spaces and meeting rooms when you need them, and focusing on important interactions with your team and new colleagues.

Microsoft Places Public Preview

This platform breathes new energy into flexible working by fostering stronger bonds within teams and enhancing the overall work environment.

If your organization has the right Microsoft 365 plan and opt to join the Microsoft Places public preview, you will have the chance to explore exciting new collaboration features. These include:

  • Location Plans: Allow employees to share their proposed location schedule and see who else is attending in-person.
    Microsoft Places Public Preview
  • Peek Cards:Easily see who is coming into the office and adjust your location plan, directly from your Outlook Calendar. Receive notifications to book space on days in office.
    Microsoft Places Public Preview
  • Expanded Presence:Add location to your presence signal to indicate when you are in the office or a particular office.
  • In-Person Meetings:Easily communicate your intention to work together with an in-person meeting invite.
  • Hybrid RSVP: Meeting participants can share whether they attend in person or remote.

If you are curious about Microsoft Places and wondering whether it’s right for your organization, check out the following video.

Public Preview

Become a part of the innovative journey by joining the Microsoft Places Public Preview program. This initiative invites you to experience the future of flexible work through a new connected workplace app. Designed to redefine the boundaries between remote and in-office tasks, this app is a testament to Microsoft’s commitment to pioneering a dynamic and adaptable work environment.

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Microsoft Places Public Preview

In summary, Microsoft Places is on the verge of transforming the way we seamlessly blend remote and physical work. With upcoming integrations alongside Copilot and the introduction of bookable desks in the latter half of the year, Microsoft Places promises to enhance our work experience. Learn more about the latest Places updates here!

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