Control how URLs are pasted in Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge has recently introduced a new way of pasting URLs in in the browser, creating a link format showing the site title as text and keeping the URL as a clickable link and not visible to the user.

While this creates a great experience for some users, there are scenarios where you would want to past the URL as plain text or scenarios where you are pasting the url in a web application and instead of getting a link you just get the site title.

Paste URLs Microsoft Edge

To control and make the best use of this feature you should know how to paste the URL as text and as link and you can do it in 2 different ways:

  • By using the keyboard shortcuts
    • CTRL + V pastes the link format
    • CTRL + SHIFT + V pastes the plain text URL
  • By using the mouse and the Paste as menu as shown in the following image
    Paste URLs Microsoft Edge

If you are not ready yet to use this feature and want your browser to return to the classic paste method using just plain text you can change the browser settings by accessing the link edge://settings/shareCopyPaste.

Once in the settings page select Plain text as shown in the following image.

Paste URLs Microsoft Edge

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