How to turn on Bing Chat Enterprise

Microsoft just announced Bing Chat Enterprise at Microsoft Ignite, with these version, both user and business data are shielded from any leaks outside the organization, and it is guaranteed that your confidential data will not be used to train the model.

Right now, it’s in preview mode and comes free with Microsoft 365 E3, E5, Business Standard, and Business Premium subscription, if you meet the requirements and want to start using it right away check out how to turn it on for your organization.

Bing Chat Enterprise

  1. Open the Microsoft 365 Admin center –
  2. On the vertical menu click on Settings
  3. In the sub-menu click on Search & intelligence
  4. Open the Configurations tab
  5. Make sure the ‎Microsoft Search in Bing‎ setting is Active
    Bing Chat Enterprise
  6. Open the Bing Chat Enterprise Admin Controls
  7. Accept the Terms and Turn On the Bing Chat Enterprise
    Bing Chat Enterprise

This configuration may take up to 4 hours to be applied to the tenant. Once done, all users in the organization with the appropriate licenses will have access to Bing Chat Enterprise when they access Bing Chat.

Bing Chat Enterprise

Starting from mid-August 2023, Bing Chat Enterprise will be automatically enabled for customers who are licensed for Microsoft 365 E5, E3, Business Premium, and Business Standard.

How to turn off Bing Chat Enterprise

If you want to turn off the new Bing Chat Enterprise do the following:

  1. Open the Bing Chat Enterprise Admin Controls –
  2. Uncheck the Terms and Turn Off the Bing Chat Enterprise

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