Reading Corner: The Power of Regret by Daniel H. Pink

Starting a reading corner on my blog last year was a great idea, and even though I took a little break, I’m back! Today, I want to talk about a book that really made me think: “The Power of Regret” by Daniel H. Pink.

Daniel H. Pink is a pretty well-known author. He’s written some bestsellers like “Drive” and “When”, and he’s got a knack for digging into what makes us tick. Before he became a writer, he did some interesting stuff like writing speeches for Vice President Al Gore.

The Power of Regret by Daniel H. Pink


Reading corner – I, Human by Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic

In an era dominated by rapid technological advancements, the power of Artificial Intelligence has become a topic of growing concern. People worry about AI’s potential to reshape society, influence decision-making processes, and even replace human roles.

Nevertheless, despite these worries, there is a tendency to overlook the pervasive influence of AI in our daily lives. In “I, Human,” psychologist Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic highlights the impact of AI on our behaviors, revealing how it can make us distracted, selfish, biased, narcissistic, entitled, predictable, and impatient.

I, Human by Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic


Reading corner – Emotion by design by Greg Hoffman

Emotions by Design is a must-read book for any Nike fan looking to gain insights into the brand’s success and learn from one of its top executives. Greg Hoffman, who spent almost three decades at Nike, shares his lessons and stories on the power of creativity in building strong emotional connections with consumers.

From the iconic “Just Do It” slogan to the Michael Jordan partnership, Hoffman provides fascinating stories about Nike’s most famous campaigns and how they succeeded in creating an empowering brand that resonates deeply with people.

 Emotion by design from Greg Hoffman


Reading corner – The Infinite Game by Simon Sinek

I had kept Simon Sinek’s book “The Infinite Game” on my bookshelf since its release and had been reminded of it in John Couch’s “My Life at Apple and The Steve I Knew”. I saw this as the perfect opportunity to finally read it and gain a better understanding of the infinite mindset that drives successful companies like Apple.

The book is a powerful exploration of how we can approach life and business as an infinite game rather than a finite one. Simon Sinek argues that most businesses and individuals approach life as if it were a finite game, in which the goal is to win and beat the competition. However, this approach often leads to short-sighted decisions and a focus on short-term gains at the expense of long-term success.

The Infinite Game from Simon Sinek


Reading corner: Deliver What You Promise – The Building Blocks of Business

I was in a book shop scanning the shelves, with my eyes darting from title to title, when suddenly this one grabbed my attention. Maybe it was the bright colors on the cover, the quirky title, or the Lego bricks. Whatever it was, I’m happy I found it.

“Deliver What You Promise: The Building Blocks of Business” written by Bali Padda a former Lego CEO who had a crucial role in helping LEGO turn around its business and restore its financial stability after years of declining sales and profits.

Deliver What You Promise - The Building Blocks of Business


Reading corner: My Life at Apple and the Steve I Knew

This type of post is a first for me, I’ve never did a book review even though I’m a book addict and a book author. From now on, in this space you will find book reviews that somehow relate with technology, management or any other topic I’m into.

The first book review is about “My Life at Apple: And the Steve I Knew” a memoir written by John Couch, a former Apple executive that was employee number 54 and worked at the company for more than 20 years.

My life at Apple and the Steve I Knew


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