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Emotions by Design is a must-read book for any Nike fan looking to gain insights into the brand’s success and learn from one of its top executives. Greg Hoffman, who spent almost three decades at Nike, shares his lessons and stories on the power of creativity in building strong emotional connections with consumers.

From the iconic “Just Do It” slogan to the Michael Jordan partnership, Hoffman provides fascinating stories about Nike’s most famous campaigns and how they succeeded in creating an empowering brand that resonates deeply with people.

 Emotion by design from Greg Hoffman

The book is structured around Hoffman’s three guiding principles for creating an empowering brand: Creativity is a Team Sport, Dare to be Remembered, and Leave a Legacy, Not Just a Memory.

These principles are illustrated through fascinating stories about Nike’s most famous campaigns, including the viral video “Make it Count” made by Casey Neistat for the Nike Fuel Band, how the Nike Air Force Ones, originally designed as a basketball shoe, have become a cultural phenomenon and an important part of sneaker culture, influencing fashion, music, and streetwear.

Hoffman’s philosophy centers on the importance of rediscovering the human element in forming consumer bonds. He emphasizes the power of storytelling and experiences in shaping a brand’s identity and voice and encourages readers to unlock the creativity within their organization to unleash it into the world.

 Emotion by design from Greg Hoffman

What sets Emotions by Design apart is its emphasis on practical application. Hoffman provides numerous tips and strategies for brand-builders to create stronger emotional connections with consumers, using design to evoke specific emotional responses. He emphasizes the importance of collaboration and encourages readers to take risks and dare to be different.

Overall, Emotions by Design is an engaging and insightful book that is both practical and inspiring. It provides a roadmap for building an emotionally resonant brand that connects with consumers on a deeper level. For anyone looking to create a brand that leaves a lasting impact, Emotions by Design is a must-read.

PS: If you’re looking for some inspiration and motivation, be sure to check out Casey Neistat’s “Make It Count” video for Nike. It’s a powerful reminder to make the most of every opportunity and push ourselves to achieve our goals. Don’t miss out on this incredible piece of content that has inspired millions around the world!

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