Enable Windows Sandbox on Windows 11

Windows Sandbox is an isolated environment available in the Enterprise and Pro versions of Windows that allows you to test applications in a secure way without harming the main operating system.

Despite being available in these two versions of Windows, it does not come installed by default and to make use of it, first you need to install it by doing the following:

Windows 11 Sandbox

  1. Open the Start menu and click in the Settings icon
  2. On the vertical menu click on Apps and then click on Optional features
    Windows 11 Sandbox
  3. In the following menu scroll down to the bottom and click on More Windows features
  4. Look for the Windows Sandbox option and check it
    Windows 11 Sandbox
  5. Click Ok, wait a few seconds for the installation to complete and then click on Restart now

Once the computer restarts you will be able to find your Sandbox environment in the Start menu next to your other programs.

Click on it to launch a new instance of Windows, copy the executables you want to test from the main operating system or download them using the Edge browser from the sandbox instance.

Windows 11 Sandbox

Once you are done with the testing you can simply close the sandbox environment and all your data will be cleared.

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